Saturday, March 19, 2011


When I look back at some of the people that I've shot (with my Canon, not a cannon), I wonder about their backstories. Like this guy for example, walking swiftly past a Fedex truck on Market Street. (He actually sort of looks like a fed). He was in a major rush to get to wherever he was headed, a very grim impression on his face. Was he late for a meeting with a client? A mobster looking for Fat Tony? Or maybe he was a Fed. We'll never know for sure...

 I'm not a real big fan of doing black and white when shooting digital, but I do like to tinker with it every now and then. B+W is also something I use when I overexpose something, like I did with the Fed guy on a very sunny day. I try to adjust the highlights and shadows and contrast on Lightroom instead of just going by the preset B+W button. Makes for more interesting photos afterwards.

Just don't turn into one of those people who click a button to make a B+W photo and call it art.

Damn hipsters.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Well then.

San Francisco is an interesting town. Having grown up in the suburbs outside of the city on the hill, I was sheltered from various loonies, lawyers, and liberals that resided inside it. (along with the smelly homeless, stay away from them dlee!). Of course when I finally moved out, the first thing I did was start exploring San Francisco with my camera.

a speck of color on a drab day

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